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  1. Hi there! Seen you guys on preppers, beautiful family and i really respect what you are all doing. I was wondering if your knowledge was something youve been working on all your life or after you went off the grid. I live in rural wisconsin so i am by no means a city boy but i would be utterly lost if i had to do it your way. I want to though. I dont know if i romantize the idea but i think its a great way to live.

  2. I was raised in the suburbs like most people – I learned most of what I know through books and trial and error. Nothing to it but to do it!!!

  3. I am starting a Business called “Farm Fresh from Delia”(where i live..). I thought i had a large garden until i saw yours…)1/4 Acre garden seems too much for me alone. I have my land; RV camper, a 16′ Tipi , a few Beehives, am using Solar power. I’m looking into possibly building a Earthbag or Strawbale home…
    I live in the country with my 2 Presa Canerio dogs very ; smart, good protection, company & are a great breed of dogs! I am Living Clean, working hard /staying on the path! I hope to hear back from you all soon(the posted workshops were last year..).Thank you for posting your Video!
    Peace & Love, Kevin

  4. I thank you for the amazing insight to your self sufficient lifestyle and preps. It was also lovely to see your family working in harmony. I live in Australia and have just started some basic prepping and am now looking to purchase a rural property with around 50 acres very soon. I was wondering if I could ask you for some advice. The property I am looking at is situated on a permanent river that runs through 3 or 4 very small towns. I would probably not swim in the river but it is not terribly polluted. My concern is that in the end times, is it more likely that scavengers would follow a river course and use it as a passage to loot all the properties ajoining the river. Would I be better not to buy on a river? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    Best Wishes

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