About Us

     There is no catagory that Joe and I fit perfectly into.  We do not claim allegiance to any organization or religion.  However, everything we do is with an eye to pleasing our Creator.   This includes living clean, healthy lives and being good stewards to the land and all living things.  We choose to live off the land and be self-sufficient to the best of our ability.   

     We have built our straw bale house from the ground up.  We live off the grid and have just the basics (no television here, thank you very much).  Our real focus in life is growing clean, organic food.  We farm with horses instead of gasoline.  One small horse can prepare all the soil you would ever need to plant.  Our garden is about the size of a football field; it’s beautiful and well tended – no thanks to me – Joe has an amazing green thumb and understanding of how to make things grow.  There is simply something amazing about standing in the midst of such a garden; it gives me unmatched fulfillment, not to mention, a true sense of security.

     Trying to be self-sufficient is a never ending circle, but we still love it and feel very rich being able to give our family pure, organic food every day.  We have our own beef, chickens, goats and wild deer, turkey and fish.  We fresh grind our wheat to make bread, tortillas, pancakes, etc.   

     Although we work hard, we like to play hard too.  We enjoy horse riding through the woods, or an old fashioned buggy ride to town (yes, we are the talk of the town).  There is also a creek that clips the corner of our property, complete with private access for a small boat.  We have a canoe and a kayak we love to take out fishing or to the rope swing for a good swim.  So much fun, and a real life saver in the hot summer.  Just taking a walk here, surrounded by peace and beauty in all directions can be a soul searching event. 

     We lean toward the wisdom of the Native American healers.  We are ever learning, ever seeking, and ever growing.  We are thankful for all things and hope to live a life that will not offend Him.  Let us all seek to heal the Earth and each other. 

                                    Best Regards,