Thank you for visiting our site. It is our hope that our products will help you to be as self-sustaining as possible and live a greener life.

As for us…..we live off the grid in our straw bale house.  You can see our journey in the youtube video below:


Going green; living clean; being continually thankful for all good things; all adds up to Livin’ the Dream!

Please contact us if your have any questions about us or our products..

Thanks again,

Joe & Wendy

26 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Howdy,

    My friend and I were speculating where you live within Kansas and we landed on the Chase County area. Of course I don’t need your exact coordinates, but are we in the ballpark at least? My curiosity gets the best of me at times.

    Also, what is your water supply? If you’re not using “city water”, how do you make your drinking water safe?

    Your family is inspiring and your home is beautiful, I hope to see more news and instructional videos from here in the future!
    You guys are doing great things

  2. Thank you for your interest. We are not in Chase County – we are in Eastern Kansas. We have spring fed wells that we pump to our house with a solar pump system. For drinking we use a Big Berkey gravity water filter system. We will be doing workshops this spring and summer – the information will be on our site. Hope you can join us and learn how to live this lifestyle.

  3. I so enjoyed your you tube video of building your home and living a family oriented life. I was so relaxed watching it, I think perhaps the flute agrees with me. I was saddened when it was two minutes to being the end. I did not want it to end. So I read other comments and was blessed to find this, an area to keep up with what is going on. Have a blessed March 25,2013 in 32 minutes. I have a corporate job, so I must go to bed and go to the grind tomorrow. I love the soap, the woolens, just perfect all of it. bye for now! aloha

  4. You guys have given my husband and inspiration to follow our dream and stop talking about it. We get out of the Army in a couple months. We are looking for property to start living this way. I found your video and was blown away by your house. Love it. Would love to come to a workshop. Could you please e mail the information. Thank you.

  5. So happy that you want to give this life a try. We will email you more information on our workshops shortly. Thank you.

  6. When viewing your video on the building of your house I was noticing your tools. At 13:50 on the video, sitting on your sewing machine is a round gray piece of machinery with a long blue handle coming out of the center. My daughter and I decided this might have something to do with combing your wool. Can you tell us what it is? You are doing everything we are dreaming of doing in northern Arizona. You and your beautiful family lead a wonderful example of simply rich life. Thanks for sharing, Linda G

  7. It is a drum carder – you and your daughter are correct – it’s for combing the wool. Hopefully you will be living your dream soon. It is a simple rich life and well worth it.

  8. Wow. It was really nice to meet you guys today at Bee fun day. I just love your soap and I used the peppermint oil and it is AMAZING. I am going to make my own dish and laundry soap tomorrow. It was such a pleasure to get to attend your workshop and to meet you today. Best regards! I tried to click on the photo for the video, but it just enlarged the photo. Would love to come and see your farm sometime….

  9. Hi I want to congratulate you on your many achievements! The new natural structure sounds even more practical and weather-safe. It’s the way I was leaning in basic design, with maybe the incorporation of passive solar front area with aquaponics greenhouse area able to be open air in warm weather. Wondered if you’ve considered it, or maybe don’t like fish that much? I would like to visit and may be able to come for the july workshop. I’m selfemployed in pa and will be traveling to look at land for sale, learn & meet as much/many as possible in the coming weeks. I’m wondering if you have a large turnout planned? I also wonder what if any, are the reasons you’ve picked that area, or even stayed in this country? Prop taxes, codes, regulations etc? Feel free to email me, I would be open to the dialog! Thanks so much for the video and website! You are setting an excellent example in these trying times of modern ignorance.

  10. Jay – We would love to talk but you didn’t leave your email address or other contact info. Hope to hear from you again soon.

  11. I loved the video, it’s very inspiring!!
    Although we didn’t build our own house, we live in the country and keep moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle. It makes me happy to see people, such as yourself, learning to live off the land and building their own homes off the grid. Thanks for posting the video on youtube and sharing with everyone. I am a member of a wild foraging group here in Oklahoma and we have a Facebook group called “Let’s Teach Them to Fish” – it’s all about foraging and DIY/Sustainable projects. I posted your video there to share with the group – they love success stories like yours and we share information with each other. It’s a joy to see a family like yours sharing and living the way you do.
    Blessings to you, Joe & Wendy!!

  12. Joe and Wendy,
    Recently saw your family featured on Doomsday Preppers. We would love to do a documentary about a week in the life of a family like yours that lives off the land/outside of “the system” and especially focus on how much of a role your faith plays in your lives. Our company is Zomular Media Group if you are interested please email me with “Living off the Grid” in the subject line. Thanks and God Bless,

  13. Ran across your video purely by accident but totally enjoyed it. I envy you all for the way you live.

  14. It was so amazing to see Joe again after all these years and to meet you, Wendy, and your children. The life you have fashioned for yourselves is inspiring, to say the least. I feel such a bond to you, Wendy, because of our shared ideals and something almost mystical that I can’t put into words. I am honored to have met you and to call you a part of my family.

  15. Hello,
    My husband and I found your video well looking at different off the grid properties and yours is by far the best one that I have seen. Your house is beautiful and your family is a huge inspiration to us. We have thought about making the move to a simpler life off the grid for a year or so now. Over the past few months we have made the decision to chage our life style around so we can save enough money to make the move to a better life for our family. I just wanted to let you guys know how amazed I am by what you have done on your land. Your family is awesome and I am completely inspired by what you guys have done.

    Thanks for sharing your life

  16. I was just checking to see if the property was still for sale. I have had this place on my mind for some time. I would really love to enjoy the lifestyle that you and your family have achieved there!

  17. Dear Joe~Wendy,

    Ran across your home for sale on Survival Realty. So graciously blessed to see your life, family, music, and home. Joe and Wendy, from the video we see how wonderfully talented you are and how the good Lord has bless you. Thank you for sharing, it has made our day. In our heart, your place is the place for us and we would but unfortunately due to age, medical issues, and taking care of my mother, we are unable. But thank you so much for allowing us to live our dreams for a moment. It was as if we were the one’s there in the video. It was a life fulfilling inspirational moment.

    Wendy, we are assuming that the singing in the video was you and the drums/flute was from both of you (with a little help on the drumming from the children….how sweet). Please tell us you have made a CD of your music! If you haven’t, please do and we want to be the first to purchase. Please let us know.

    We close for now and will be sure to say a prayer for you and your family this night.

    God Bless,

    John 3:16

  18. hi there! me and my husband are sooo blessed by your lifestyle and home, i see that your trying to sell your home 🙁 but was wondering if you will still be hosting workshops? and when? thanks soo soo much! Blissful Blessings!

  19. If I could raise the cash we would be there tomorrow with a check, what you have is exactly what we want and how we want to finish out our lives.

  20. Hi Joe & Wendy,
    Bree and I would love to get back in touch with you guys! We found this show on Netflix called Doomsday Preppers and there you were! Miss you and hope all is well. God Bless!

  21. Is your home still for sale? I’d also love some info on upcoming workshops 🙂 My plan was to make the move to this awesomely beautiful lifestyle in 1-2 years from now and just researching potential properties/areas for now. I can’t get your home out of my heart or my mind 🙂 keep coming back to it. We may have to change our timetable… Very much looking forward to hearing from you. God bless you and your beautiful family

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